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MyPrevea Privacy and Security Policy

Your privacy. Our top priority.
At Prevea, our mission is to take care of people with passion, pride and respect. Included in this pledge is a promise to maintain the confidentiality and security of the information contained within your medical record.

Using standards mandated by state and federal law, Prevea has set forth policies and procedures pertaining to the access and release of information contained in your medical record. These security measures pertain not only to our patients, but provide guidance to every member of our medical staff and employees, and are designed to protect your privacy. For detailed information on security measures for MyPrevea click here.

Your electronic medical record
Advanced computer technology enables Prevea to securely store and retrieve detailed medical information about you. Called an electronic medical record (EMR), this information includes your medical history, information about recent provider visits, the results of any tests or procedures and the appropriate treatment you received. Using a password and assigned security code, MyPrevea allows you and any Prevea provider caring for you to access this confidential information. It also lets you to securely communicate with your provider.

Electronic messaging
MyPrevea lets you communicate with your doctor's office via email. Because a reply may take up to two days, do not use MyPrevea for anything urgent. Instead call us directly, go to the nearest emergency room, or call 911.

When your physician is out of the office or unable to respond, your message may be directed to someone else within that office to facilitate a timely response. Strict security measures are adhered to at all times during this process. These communications also become part of your electronic medical record.

State-of-the-art security
To ensure security and confidentiality, all electronic messaging between you and your provider's office takes place over a secure, encrypted connection that flows directly into your MyPrevea electronic medical record. Future Prevea electronic communications are always sent via the MyPrevea portal. You may, on occasion, receive an e-mail through your regular internet provider informing you of a new message in your MyPrevea inbox. However these e-mails contain no privileged medical information-they are for information purposes only.
Because MyPrevea supports differing types of communication, it's a good idea to talk to your provider about the type of electronic communication that best suits your needs.

Password protected
A customized password and identification number give you access to MyPrevea. Do not share this information with anyone. If someone else knows your password and identification number, they will have the ability to view everything within your electronic medical record and communicate with your physician using your identity. You do have the ability to change your password and/or identification number if you feel your security has been breached. Simply click the password link on the MyPrevea home page.

Regulatory compliant
The content of Prevea electronic medical records is governed by strict state and federal regulations that oversee the security and confidentiality of medical records.

Requests for information
Occasionally, a MyPrevea message may contain a request to complete a patient survey. Prevea uses this information to compile a variety of different reports. You can be assured that all patient identifying information is removed before the information is submitted.